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On the arrival of a researcher, the company/university/organization which invited him/her to Türkiye would probably organize a sort of an accommodation. If this is not the case, hotels or guest houses might be the preference for accommodation.

Housing in general may be found through real estate agents who provide assistance in finding accommodations and lodgings. Please follow the links to see some examples of private companies and guest houses offering accomodation alternatives.


Sahibinden.Com is a portal that helps users sell and buy items from apartments to pet animals. That portal is used widely in Türkiye for rental purposes as well. This website has an English option, althought most of the advertisements are in Turkish. Please click here.




Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the World. For more detail please click here. 


Below you may find information about guesting in some universities. Please be aware some of them are for the use of the university's staff / researcher.


Leisure time in Ankara:

If you are tired of city life, ODTÜ Lake Eymir is a breathtaking natural area where people enjoy the beautiful environment with its unique flora and fauna, various recreational activities and several restaurants. Rowing and water sports are also allowed on the lake with some restrictions and guests may have picnics with family and friends.

Lake Eymir is a vehicle-free area where the entry of private cars is not allowed to ease the traffic and to ensure that guests enjoy the surroundings. Guests are welcome every day between 05:00-22:00.