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Turkish Research Area

Turkish Research Area

Working Environment | Turkish Research Area

Launched in 2004, one of the subsequent triggers in Turkey is the conceptualization of the Turkish Research Area (TARAL). TARAL set into motion a mobilization with which the business enterprise and public sectors, together with NGOs, strategically focus and collaborate on R&D and innovation.

The TARAL objectives to be achieved are to:

  • enhance the quality of life,
  • find innovative solutions to societal needs,
  • increase the competitiveness of the country,
  • foster and diffuse S&T awareness in society.

To make such a mobilization possible, the TARAL targets were determined as bolstering:

  • the share of R&D expenditures in Gross Domestic Product (GDP),
  • the demand for R&D,
  • the number of qualified R&D personnel.

A critical stimulus was the formulation of a new, additional public investment TARAL budget for the utilization of the R&D and innovation activities of TARAL actors. Hence, TARAL triggered a particular kind of mobilization, both in the sense of resources and in guiding system actors towards socio-economic goals, which continues to be instrumental in the Turkish Model.

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